Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards

What is PAREB?. The Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards Inc. (PAREB) is the first and largest national real estate service organization in the Philippines composed of 68 local member boards with a total membership of 5,000 real estate practitioners. Who we are? PAREB is a non-profit organization of professional real estate practitioners composed of consultants, appraisers, assessors, brokers, and sales persons all over the 18 regions in the entire Philippines that practice residential, commercial brokerage and project selling. Purpose PAREB promotes the highest ethical conduct and standards of practice among its members. It conducts regular conventions, conferences and fora that equip and further enhance the skills and knowledge of its members to advance and protect the interests of the property owners and buyers. PAREB likewise is the leading partner of government regulators and policymakers to provide an environment and sets of laws that protect the integrity of real estate transactions.

Advantages of Engaging a PAREB Broker

Join hundreds of thousands happy clients nationwide who are working with PAREB Brokers.

PAREB Network is the biggest with 68 local member boards and total membership of 5,000 real estate practitioners in the Philippines.

PAREB Network

PAREB Brokers have special knowledge and skills and are proficient in their areas. We collect enormous details about the serviced market with the help of reference materials and PAREB Network. Our PAREB members are also licensed appraisers, consultants, CPA, lawyers, and engineers. We are knowledgeable and provide helpful information to clients.


Instead of looking for 10 brokers of properties, the seller only has to find one PAREB broker and his/her property will be distributed to PAREB Network.

Properties handled by a PAREB Broker usually has shorter selling cycle

A typical broker usually have limited inventory and if a buyer has specifications that a broker doesn’t carry, the broker will exert further effort to search other properties in PAREB network.

PAREB Broker can easily find a search for more properties on behalf of the buyer